Enlist a sourcing expert to bring your delegates together with reliable group accommodation.

Securing group accommodation for your next meeting, conference or event comes with a range of challenges:

Who do you contact?

What are the terms and conditions around contracting—and are you getting the best deal?

Are you familiar with the location?

What’s included in the rate?

Finding the right conference accommodation within budget and with the right availability can be time-consuming.

So why not enlist the help of experts to source your group accommodation for you?


With our group accommodation service, you’ll get:

A central point of contact.

Exceptional group accommodation that meets your budget.

A suitable location.

Group accommodation sourcing with the experts.

We bring years of experience and industry insights when it comes to negotiating and managing group accommodation for both large and small groups. We’ll make sure you get quality accommodation rates, payment dates, and policies.

We know how important it is for you to consider terms and conditions, such as cancellation and attrition policies. Before handing the accommodation block over to you to manage, we’ll work with you and highlight key dates and policies around your bookings.

You can trust that our experienced team will present you with the best accommodation options based on your logistical and financial needs.